MikroTik Training & Certification


Network Associate

345 EUR + TVA

Basic network training regarding all aspects of MikroTik RouterOS 

Must haves: N/A
Recommended: subnetting knowledge


Wireless Engineer

400 EUR + TVA

Wireless specialization for wireless networks using 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

Recommended for wireless field engineers.

Must haves: MTCNA
Recommended: N/A 


Routing Engineer

400 EUR + TVA

Dynamic routing, ECMP and advanced VPN

Recommended for all enterprise and ISP routing engineers

Must haves: MTCNA
Recommended: N/A


Traffic Control Engineer

400 EUR + TVA

Advanced DNS, firewall, DHCP, QoS and Web Proxy technology

Must haves: MTCNA
Recommended: MTCWE + MTCRE


User Manager Engineer

400 EUR + TVA

Advanced HotSpot, RADIUS, User Manager and IPSec tunnels

Must haves: MTCNA
Recommended: MTCWE + MTCTCE


Inter-networking Engineer

690 EUR + TVA

Advanced internetworking knowledge, MPLS network and TE

Must haves: MTCNA + MTCRE
Reommended: MTCWE + MTCTCE